Authorized Vehicle Sales, Parts and Service Support
Throughout the State of Virginia.

Quality Products and Exceptional Services

Offering a full line of apparatus accessories, including vehicle accessories, patient care and handling products, and safety products.

Family Owned and Operated

Goodman Specialized Vehicles is family owned and operated, growing from the Goodman Group which has served the Virginia Community since 1951.

Our mission is to provide quality products while prioritizing personalized sales and service, all to support Virginia’s first response community to the best of our ability.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Dedicated Full-Time Sales and Support Staff

From Our Clients

“I would like to say how friendly the maintenance shop is and how much we appreciate all that their staff have done to repair our apparatus and minimize the down time! It means a lot to a rural volunteer fire department to have the apparatus back in service as quickly as possible to protect life, limb, and property. They always finds a way to make us feel right at home and we feel like we have built a great friendship with the shop staff. As far as the purchase process goes it’s always seamless and smooth. Goodman and KME have made it very easy and very smooth when purchasing fire apparatus to protect our communities. Thanks and we look forward to years of business together!”

Michael Vaughan

Deputy Chief, South Hill Volunteer Fire Department

“We’ve found a home with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. They offer the best overall product that we have received from any manufacturer. The service department is understanding of the needs of our volunteer organization. We enjoy working with a local company that offers personalized sales and service.”

David Johntson

Chief, Forest View Volunteer Rescue Squad