When designing a new Engine, Tanker, Attack, or Aerial apparatus, time should be devoted to small items as well as the major components.  A shelf or tray in the proper location can be almost as important as the correct size chassis engine or the size of the pump.

In this case, the Fire Department wanted full and quick access to pump appliances.  To make this happen, the pump panels were enclosed and the pump house was widened to accommodate an integrated pull out appliance toolboard.  The Engineer when making his pump connections can easily pull out the tool board and have all the appliances immediately available to him, will full access behind one common door.

Make it what you want and need — not what your sales representative wants.

This doesn’t seem like a “big deal” but when time is of the essence, and easy access is needed, this potent combination of pump controls and appliance access makes the job much easier and safer.

Don’t sell yourself short when meeting with a sales representative, think creatively, determine YOUR needs, and then require the sales rep to “make it happen.”  Remember, this new vehicle is yours for the next 20+ year, make it what you want and need – not what your sales representative wants to sell you!!!

Scott Zingaro is a Regional Account Manager with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. Contact Scott