If your Department hasn’t purchased a new piece of Fire or Rescue apparatus in the past few years, you are probably in for some heavy-duty sticker shock when you do go to make a purchase.

The cost of a basic Custom Engine is around 600K, an Aerial comes in around the 1.3M mark, and even Commercial apparatus are now in the 400K to 500K price range.

So why are we bringing this up?  Why is because it is very hard for any type of Fire Department to make a new apparatus purchase on their own.  Now, purchases are made in conjunction with a County or other entity who has access to greater sources of funding and revenue.

One of the other ways to be able to afford a new piece of apparatus is by using Municipal Leasing.  There are a number of excellent Leasing Companies that can do creative things with their Leasing programs.  They can extend a down payment or first payment, they can roll an existing piece of equipment into a the new apparatus Lease.  They can finance your Fire House, they can finance your air packs, they can finance a new air compressor, or maybe a Fire House air filtration system.

On the County or District side, a Leasing Company can combine your new apparatus with heavy equipment (bulldozer, snow plow, etc.) a school project, Police car purchase, radio systems, and on and on.

So, the next time your Department, County or District needs to make a large Municipal purchase, check out what a Leasing Company can structure for you to make the best “Dollars and Cents” sense.

Scott Zingaro is a Fire and Rescue Sales Manager with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. Contact Scott