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 plastic products and specialized commercial fleets for a wide range of clients.

Malley Ford Transit Ambulance

We are pleased to introduce our newest ambulance innovation on the mid-roof Ford Transit. Our lightweight formed interior takes advantage of the contours of the Transit Chassis, which provides noticeably more interior space and a higher payload cpaacity than any other ambulance.


Enhanced Safety & Payload

  • Payload capacity of 2500lbs on the T/250 & 3000lbs on the T/350
  • Unique contoured interior adds 2″ of aisle width over traditional straight wall construction
  • Fewer seams than traditional wood/mica/aluminum interiors, easier to sanitize
  • Energy absorbent, flexible walls with rounded corners are less likely to cause injury
  • Bright interiror enhances lighting for permorming medical procedures

Ergonomics & Functionality

  • Easy to access strategically located medical equipment, lighting controls & AC System while remaining safely seated
  • Access stair chair compartment & ALS kit tree from outside the vehicle
  • Increased cab room with full seat recline for improvement comfort
  • Solid state electrical system for easy troubleshooting
  • Choice of squat bench or single person swivel seat & paramedic work station

Operating Costs Savings

The lightweight Malley conversion will reduce operating costs by improving fuel economy and decreasing wear on replaceable chassis components.


Compliance and certification testing successfully completed to meet the highest lecel ambulance standars in North America.



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