A large percentage of customers working on laying out a new Engine or Rescue struggle to find space to place their required light tower.

Most customers think of the folding light tower that is mounted to a cab roof, in a hose bed, or in a pump house dunnage area as these are the most common type of light tower used today.

To alleviate the space restriction issue, a vertical mast type light tower can be used. If done properly, the light tower mast can be extended through the pump house with the light head located in the dunnage area. The generator and other accessories such as a cord reel or a hose reel can still be placed in the dunnage area as the light tower head is so compact, especially now using the high powered LED lights.

The other nice thing when using this type of light tower, is that the mast will be considerably higher than a folding light tower thus providing more scene illumination.

So, when needing a light tower on your next apparatus and space is limited, remember that your Fire Department has the option to use a mast type tower, saving precious space.

Scott Zingaro is a Fire and Rescue Sales Manager with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. Contact Scott