Our Team

Our Sales Team is made up of six different people with over 50+ years of experience in the Fire and Rescue industry. While small, our knowledgeable staff is focused on forming a lasting partnership with you and your organization in order to help you achieve your goals and serve your community to the best of your ability.

Meet the Sales Team

David Carden General Manager

dcarden@goodmansv.com (804) 393-1005

Wesley Goodman Marketing & Internal Operations

wesley@goodmantruck.com (804) 561-2008

Porter Carden PL Custom Regional Account Manager

pcarden@goodmansv.com (804) 517-8411

John Worley PL Custom Regional Account Manager

jworley@goodmansv.com (804) 291-8919

Scott Zingaro KME Fire and Rescue Sales Manager

szingaro@goodmansv.com (434) 944-1500

Larry Antonacci KME Fire and Rescue Regional Account Manager

lantonacci@goodmansv.com (434) 409-6613

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