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PL Custom is an independently owned company that has maintained their vision as a customer-focused designer and manufacturer of high quality custom emergency vehicles.

PL Custom Medium Duty Titan Ambulance


The PL Custom Titan Medium Duty stands out among other vehicles for providing unequaled flexibility for customers who want their ambulance to do more. The medium duty platform supports the design needs of both career and volunteer Fire/EMS departments as well as the serviceability requirements of the maintenance teams.


M2/4300 170 Body | F650 170 Body | M2/4300 176 Body

PL Titan M2/4300 170

  • 170” Body Length
  • 72”/75” Interior Headroom
  • Overall length 24’ 2” (290”)
  • 24” Backboard Compartment 22” deep std

International 4300LP/Freightliner M2

  • 168” WB/102” CA
  • Leece Neville 320 amp alternator
  • Hydraulic or Air Brakes
  • 20,000 GVW usable payload 5,000 lbs
  • Cummins Engine/Allison Transmission

PL Custom — Driven to be the Best.

PL Titan F650 170

  • 170” Body Length
  • 72”/75” headroom
  • Overall Length 24’9” (297”)
  • 24” Backboard Compartment 22” deep std

Ford F650 Chassis

  • 182 “WB/108”CA
  • 20,500 GVW Ford 6.7 Turbo Diesel Engine 300 hp
  • Ford Torque Shift 6 speed Transmission
  • Dual Alternators total 357 Amp

PL Titan M2/4300 176

PL Titan M2/4300 176

  • 176” Body Length
  • 72”/75” Interior Headroom
  • Overall length 24’ 8” (296”)
  • 24” Backboard Compartment 22” deep std

International 4300LP/Freightliner M2

  • 174” WB/108” CA
  • Cummins Engine/Allison Transmission
  • Leece Neville 320 amp alternator
  • Hydraulic or Air Brakes
  • Vertical or Horizontal Exhaust
  • 20,000 GVW usable payload 5,000 lbs.


  • Extruded aluminum body framework; roll cage structure on 12″ centers
  • Aluminum body skin .125 5052 H34 single sheet side and roof panels
  • Upper and Lower 5″ x 2″ Side impact safety rails; body and door framework
  • 3-6” lowered body skirts; left and right sides with side entrance intermediate step
  • Aluminum diamond plate fuel tank and battery covers with integrated cab steps and fuel/DEF fill necks.
  • Five generous aluminum exterior compartments with 22” depth and sweep out design support the need for PPE and SCBA gear
  • “C” Channel lower rub rails; reflective striping and lighting options for enhanced visibility
  • Body undercoated with Audio Guard ® for additional sound deadening
  • Air Ride or Liquid Spring Suspension provides floor height for proper cot loading and unloading
  • Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty
  • Type I Cab to body pass thru window or walk thru opening
  • 45 degree uppers and radiused cabinet corners; no sharp edges
  • Thinsulate Interior insulation for superior thermal and acoustical properties
  • Austin Life Defender sliding, hinged and lift up cabinet doors
  • Squad bench right side; full length or Medic in Mind
  • Left side CPR seat; single or double wide
  • Multi-point occupant restraint systems
  • Recessed “D” bottles, head of squad bench
  • Full length ceiling mounted stainless steel grab rails (2)
  • 45 degree grab rail on side entrance door
  • Hinged or roll up door options for right front in/out compartment
  • Custom body lengths and additional headroom requests are common and easily accomplished
  • Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty
  • OEM Leece Neville 320 Amp Alternator
  • Under cab mounted batteries with access for maintenance
  • Centrally Ducted Climate Control System with 60,000 BTU heat and 38,000 BTU Cooling for superior performance and air distribution
  • Auxiliary condenser is standard for body system.
  • Front body condenser tray can be integrated with flashing lights and traffic emitters.
  • Conventional and Multiplexed Electrical Systems
  • LED Flashing Lights Body, Grille and Intersection
  • LED Stop tail/backup and directional lights
  • LED Ceiling lights (4) rectangular and (6) round dome -12 volt/110volt activated
  • LED Strip lighting; full height in all exterior compartments.
  • Automatic Load management and Voltage monitoring systems
  • PL’s signature courtesy circuits for lighting and other features as requested
  • Center raceway for access to wiring harnesses.
  • Serviceable electrical cabinet with easy access to power distribution, flasher, Inverter etc. Nothing located in exterior compartments.
  • Power and antenna leads designed for easy access by radio installers.
  • Lifetime Electrical Warranty

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