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The picture this month shows the back of a commercial cab, covered in Line-X to act as paint protection from crosslay hose damage when deployed or re-packed.

It is so easy now, with most manufacturers using some sort of protection coating, Line-X, RinoLining, Duraliner, etc. to protect areas that take normal usage abuse.  One of the most seen areas are the tops of custom manufactured painted front bumpers and around pump panels.

Before you spec. out your new apparatus, take a look at your existing fleet and see where paint has been chipped or damaged from normal use.  Can this/these area(s) use a coat of Line-X on your new vehicle?

Also, on your existing apparatus, you can have a coating applied locally or you can do it yourselves with available aerosol sprays or applied with a compressor and spray gun.   Protect those paint and rust damaged surfaces on your existing apparatus, not only will they look better, but will also last longer.

Scott Zingaro is a Fire and Rescue Sales Manager with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. Contact Scott