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Rescue 1 Walk Around


The Walk Around Rescue

Walk-Around Rescues are designed to separate the crew from equipment carried onboard. Exterior compartments are traditionally constructed with transverse accessibility, making total utilization of all available storage space possible. Long slide-out, half depth, and tilt down trays eliminate dead space when engineered and utilized properly. Walk Around Rescue’s are commonly designed with roll-up doors, but hinged doors are available if desired.

BODY TYPES | 16’3″ | 18’9″ | 20′ |21′ To 22′ | 23′ To 27″ |

Why A Walk Around

  • Complete utilization of all available compartment space, including the space that is available on the roof top.
  • Safety of the crew with a body design that does not require anyone to climb higher than the walk-in floor just above the chassis frame rails.

Rescue 1 offers either all extruded extreme duty aluminum and or 304-L stainless steel construction. Both are a completely framed design, meaning the real strength is built into the framing and not the skin, BUT the skin does add additional strength to the finished product.

What kind of equipment typically is used with a Walk-Around Rescue?
There are no limitations of what can be stored onboard. Rescue 1 will custom build your Rescue to accommodate all of your department needs.

Rescue 1 — When only the best will do.

16′ 3″ Walk Around Body 



18’9” Walk Around Body 



20’ Walk Around Body



21’ To 22’ Walk Around Body



23’ To 27’ Tandem Axle

Walk Around Body




  • Upper roof top compartments add additional storage for equipment.
  • There are many options to access the roof top storage compartments either with ladders or stairs for additional ease and safety for the crew.
  • Lift-up stairways can be located at the rear of the vehicle and or the sides depending upon the department’s equipment storage accessibility and safety concerns.
  • Long ladder storage can be located in the upper rooftop upper walkway and or ceiling accessible from the rear of the rescue body.
  • Rescue 1’s standard compartments are transverse; this allows access to equipment from both sides of the vehicle and flexibility for future changes and expansion.
  • Light towers can be stored in a number of ways; the horizontal towers are recessed mounted into the forward sections of the body. Vertically activated towers are recessed mounted through the body
  • The basic reason for upgrading to a Tandem Axle Rescue is to gain additional storage space.
  • Tandem axle designs provide better traction while driving and braking, improved stability and the ability to have more payload capacity.
  • Rescue 1 normally upgrades to the tandem rescues when the body lengths exceed 22 feet.
  • The drive lines of tandem rescues are typically upgraded to a higher torque engine and suspensions are increased to a higher capacity.

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