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Many Fire Departments debate as to whether they should consider a new or different manufacturer for their next equipment purchase, and one of the major concerns is having a new and different pump panel configuration to navigate.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  KME can replicate your existing pump panel layout and transfer the design to a new KME Engine, Ladder, Tanker, or any other vehicle to keep any changes to an absolute minimum.

How can KME make this happen?  Most manufacturers can accommodate this request, but don’t do it as it is a highly customized option and interferes with the design and manufacturing processes, thus costing both time and money.  KME however, as a true custom apparatus manufacturer can accommodate a pump panel layout to match the one or ones you are currently using and will do it at NO COST!!!!

We’ll take numerous pictures of all pump panels and the pump compartment plumbing, we’ll use your existing pump serial number for reference when ordering your new pump. We’ll measure each and every portion of your existing pump panels, and once all the pre-engineering work has been completed. KME will provide your Department with a full pump panel engineering drawing for comparison to make usre we did it right!!

So, KME has you covered on pump panel continuity, give us a call to check out other ways KME can make your lives easier when making a new apparatus purchase.

Scott Zingaro is a Fire and Rescue Sales Manager with Goodman Specialized Vehicles. Contact Scott